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Goats out to maintain 100 per cent record in clash with second-placed Molong this week

Geurie Goats travel to Molong to take on the second placed Magpies. Geurie are out to maintain their 100 per cent record for the season convincingly accounting for the first four games of the season.

Saturdays game will be the toughest hit out for the Goats as Molongs forwards are renowned for their set pieces and defensive patterns.  

The Goats however will go into the game with confidence to dismantle the Molong pack and destroy their backs with a dominant and explosive backline.

Geurie next home game is against Coonabarbramn on Saturday, May 26 at 3.15pm at Geurie Showground.  

B Singles to commence Saturday in Ladies Bowls

I have returned after being away to bring you the results of the matches played during this time.

Thursday, April 19 winners were Tracey Reid, Judy Roberts and Myrtle Lee.

Thursday, April 26 winners were Tracey Reid, Sandra Frappel and Colleen Forby.

Thursday, May 3 winners were Francis Cookson, Delma Gersback and Myrtle Lee.

Thursday, May 10 winners were Francis Cookson, Rose Davis, and runners-up were Delma Gersback and Colleen Forby.

Raffle winner was Dot Heath.

Social bowls will be played tomorrow at 10am.

Please have your names in by 9.30am for play at 10am.

B Singles will commence on Saturday, May 19 at 10am.

Teams are as follows:

Colleen Forby versus Tracey Reid. Marker: Rene Hannelly.

Carolyn Temmest-Stace versus Francis Cookson. Marker: Dot Heath. 


To celebrate Shoosh for Kids awareness week, the Office of Sport continues their series of online videos launched late last year to promote positive spectator behavior with messages from those most important – the kids.

Office of Sport Chief Executive, Matt Miller said Shoosh for Kids awareness week runs from 14 to 20 May and clubs and organisations are encouraged to sign-up as supporters.

“We want junior games to be positive, happy places for kids to enjoy themselves while making new friends and being active,” Mr Miller said.

“Promoting Shoosh for Kids week at local clubs and associations across NSW means there is a consistent message for grassroots sport.”

The Shoosh for Kids video series includes children across sports discussing why they enjoy playing sport and how negative feedback from spectators can impact their enjoyment of the game.

Office of Sport Chief Executive Matt Miller said the videos will be launched on the Office of Sport and sporting organisation’s websites and Facebook accounts leading up to and during the awareness week to remind spectators to positively support children and their team playing sport.

“We want to ensure that all players, officials and spectators have a positive experience, and we want everyone, especially children, to continue their involvement in sport because it’s a fun and encouraging environment,” Mr Miller said.

“Most people do the right thing. However, we want to remind spectators that there is no place for negative comments in local sport.”

Winter sports participating in Shoosh for Kids Week include AFL, Basketball, Football (soccer), Hockey, Netball, Rugby League and Rugby Union, with Softball, Swimming and Tennis encouraging their active clubs to continue the campaign message year round.

The videos will be launched throughout awareness week can be viewed at: https://bit.ly/2IciE5Z.