One turbine complete

History has been made in the Wellington district, with the first turbine assembled at Bodangora Wind Farm.

The main turbine components started arriving on site in March 2018 after many months of base preparation, with the installation marking a milestone moment for Infigen Energy.

“The installation of the first turbine is a very important milestone for the project and a significant achievement for the team and all the contractors working at site,” site manager, Gavin Paul, said.

Mr Paul added that the second turbine is expected to be complete within the next week should weather permit, being closely followed by five other base towers which have been installed. 

Contractors are busily preparing other sites in terms of concrete work and foundations, while Mr Paul confirmed internal roads too are almost complete. 

Standing at an impressive 150 metres and with a span of 130 metres the turbine stands tall in the hills around Mount Bodangora, which at 741 metres is said to be the only place around Wellington to receive snowfall in winters gone by.

The turbine, the first of 33 to be installed, has been put together piece by piece with a large mobile crane. 

Not surprisingly, in a location known for its wind, turbine construction can only be done in the right conditions.

“If it’s too windy, the crane can’t be used,” Mr Paul said. “Contractors have had some challenges but we’re still looking at being complete during the third quarter of 2018.”

Switching on of overhead lines has been delayed until later this month.

Depending on the wind speed, each wind turbine can generate up to 3.4MW of power once operating, with the wind farm providing enough output to supply power to up to 49,000 homes each year.

All turbines are expected to be built and operating by spring 2018.

By abating the equivalent of eight million tonnes of CO2 the Bodangora Wind Farm will make a valuable contribution to Australia, meeting its emission reduction targets under the Paris Agreement.

For enquiries during delivery, the public can contact CATCON on 1800 996 955 during business hours or Infigen Energy after hours at 1800 917 372.