Buckling pressure

Sportsmanship was on show on Sunday as Wellington conceded the Brewery Shield final following a gruelling injury late in the game.

Narromine was just five runs short of victory, with six wickets in hand, when its batter Jakob Short was caught out, dislocating his knee in the process.

As players waited on an ambulance, Wellington captain Nic Cosier gave Narromine the game.

“We didn’t bat very well,” Cosier said.

“We won the toss and batted first and ended up getting bowled out for 134 but we faced too many dot balls and didn’t turn the strike which killed our batting in the end really.

“We’ve never had any problems scoring runs, so being a grand final a bit of nerves.”

Wellington won the toss and elected to bat.

It was off to a strong start as Kyle Nonnemacher (55 not out) and Bailey Preston (32) built a 57-run opening partnership. 

The celebrations were short-lived as Narromine took three wickets in the middle session.

After the second drinks the Wellington batsman tried to lift the run rate, but the Narromine fielders dropped three catches in the space of two overs.

Mitch Russo went to town on the boys in maroon with a hat-trick, taking 5/7 from 2.3 overs.

Wellington were all out for 134.

Narromine got off to a slow start, losing two wickets to head into lunch 2/34. In the end the visitors posted 4/131 with six overs remaining as Cosier called the game in a sporting gesture.

The captain said Wellington was in the match for the first 30 overs but appeared to buckle under the pressure of a premiership title.

“We just needed to take a couple more wickets and we would’ve been right in the match,” he said.

“We kept it tight but Narromine ended up dragging out the results.” 

Cosier praised his team’s bowling performance in what was otherwise a disappointing end to a strong season.

RESULTS: Kale Bock (33), Jakob Short (33), Dillon Price out for 8 (5 overs), Nic Cosier 1 for 18 (5 overs), Brad Johnson 2 for 40 (8 overs) and Will Redfern 2 for 26 (8 overs).