Festival’s success reflected in figures

An estimated $176,000 was pumped into the Wellington economy during the 2018 Music In Between Festival, according to Wellington Arts’ Danielle Anderson.

The figure is based on preliminary research conducted by Wellington Arts which revealed 3000 people attended 41 events throughout the seven-day festival. 

Research revealed that for every dollar spent on costs associated with running the event, $18 was returned to the community. It indicated visitors were predominately traffic from the Parkes Elvis Festival, who stayed a minimum of two nights, a maximum of seven, and a majority stay of three to four nights. 

Danielle said the figures are proof of the event’s economic benefit in what is otherwise a quiet time of the year for businesses in Wellington. 

“This event we spent a lot more time researching what people wanted, asking what events they’re looking for, the type of music, where they were from, how long they were staying,” she said.

“In my terms we’ve basically paid for three people’s wages for the 12 months, and if we can build on that, if we can now consider the economic return to our community that we want to build even further, then the more money we have coming into the community and being spent here actually secures that for the future.”

The committee are now working behind the scenes to ensure local accommodation is used to its full potential come the 2019 festival. Danielle hopes to achieve this by encouraging visitors to book in advance, and once local venues are booked-out, other avenues will be recommended. 

“That’s really important to us to make sure that money is coming into the town and those venues are being supported in the process,” she said.