Interested in eBooks? Try out Tech Tuesday

Beisdes all the e-gadgets there's still plenty of the old classics
Beisdes all the e-gadgets there's still plenty of the old classics

Tech Tuesday

If you need help downloading eBooks/eAudio onto your device, head to the library between 1 and 2 pm on Tuesdays, and the staff will happily assist you.

Code Club

Tuesday afternoons from 3.30 to 4.30pm the library will be running a Code Club, this is a 5 week program for children 8 years and over and bookings are required. Code Club is about fun, creativity, and learning through exploring. Using the Scratch program, you will be shown how to make computer games and animations. This is a great opportunity to get some hands on experience in the art of coding. For bookings please phone 6840 1780.


Thursday afternoons from 3pm during the school term, Lego will be ready and waiting for the master builders to create their masterpieces, everyone is welcome to come along and join in.

What’s New

iPhone for Seniors: Is packed with full colour graphics and easy-to-read larger print this book walks you through the various features that make the iPhone a fan favourite.

You’ll discover the basics of setting up an iPhone, working with its preinstalled apps, and getting on the internet. Making and taking calls is just the beginning – whether you want to play games, read books, get directions, shop, chat, or listen to music, you can use your iPhone for that!

YouTube World Records: Prepare to be amazed as the internet’s greatest, wackiest and most epic world records jump out of the pages of this entertaining and interactive book. Featuring more than 300 astounding records, this unique collection is the best place to find some of the world’s most incredible records.