The best photos from the Wellington Cob Loaf festival

Crisp, saucy and with plenty of cheese. No I’m not describing pizza, we’re here to talk about the internet’s other favourite party food staple – the humble cob loaf.

The idea for the COB Loaf Festival came from combining the words for its namesake location – Cameron Park on Bell River or simply, COB. You can read more about the origins of the COB Loaf Festival here.

Events named on the back of a pun have a rocky history, but if any town can pull it off it’s Wellington. Attracting the attention of Triple J, journalist at the Wellington Times, Elouise Hawkey was even tasked with entering a cob loaf based on a recipe shared by breakfast host Liam Stapleton’s mother Leanne.

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However it was the dessert cob loaf that stole the show. Created by Wellington Times journalist Elouise Hawkey from a specially-made chocolate-chip cob loaf and filled with a secret blend of Nutella, marshmallows and honeycomb – it was the so-called dessert cob that was voted people’s choice – by a fair margin.

Nyasa Holmes from Wellington was the winner of the judge’s award with her vegetarian take on a cob loaf.

The event was a roaring success, with 25 cob loaves entered by people from as far away as Victoria with many also being submitted by locals – even featuring Wellington produce.