Good quality yarding for Dubbo sale

Rain is predicted in Wellington this week. Photo: FILE

Rain is predicted in Wellington this week. Photo: FILE

The small storm that landed on Wellington on Monday yielded 3 to 5mm with another 1mm being measured on Tuesday morning.

Rain is forecast for Thursday, Friday and Saturday at this stage. 

Dubbo on Thursday 3810 prime cattle penned in a pretty good quality yarding.

Heavy steers were limited in numbers and there were consignments of plainer cattle from the Far West. 

Trade young cattle fell 5 cents and  light feeders lost 3 to 5 cents.

However the heavier end were firm to 3 cents dearer.

Restocker young steers reached 400 cents,.

Heavy steers were mainly firm, heavy heifers were down 10 cents mainly due to quality.

Plain cows were firm, heavy cows gained 3 cents.


Calves 344 to 525.

Steer vealers 290 to 400.

Heifer vealers 268 to 329>.

Steer yearlings 250 to 341.

Heifer yearlings 260 to 334.

Heavy steers 244 to 294.

Bullocks 266 to 285.

Heavy heifer 230 to 278.

Light cows 207.

Medium cows 150 to 223.

Heavy cows 212 to 247.

Bulls 245 to 279.

At CTLX Carcoar on Friday 3159 store cattle penned in a mixed quality yarding with a stronger market occurring.

Weaner steers sold from $390 to $1160 to avg 320 to 350 cents per kg.

Weaner heifers ranged from $450 to $935 to avg 290 to 310 cents per kg.

Yearling steers traded from $680 to $1340.

Yearling heifers realised $500 to $1170.

PTIC heifers made $1100.

PTIC cows sold from $850 to $1580.

Cows and calves ranged from $1000 to $2050 for a pen of Angus.

Monday at Dubbo 11,610 lambs penned in a mostly plain quality yarding with a large percentage being light lambs or hoggets.

Finished lambs were limited.

Processor light lambs fell $5 to $8.

Trade lambs lost $5 to $7.

Heavy lambs were down $3.

Merino lambs were $4 to $8 cheaper with trade weights ranging from $112 to $136.

Restocker lambs increased in value a little ranging from $70 to $120.

Hoggets topped at $135.


Light young lamb $37 to $116.

Medium young lamb $111 to $129.

Heavy young lamb $125 to $152.

Supermarket young lamb $150 to $170.

Light lamb $33 to $114.

Medium lambs $100 to $142.

Heavy lamb $120 to $160.

Supermarket lamb $146 to $170.

Export lambs $172 to $189.

6840 mutton penned in a mixed quality yarding, crossbred ewes were firm, Merino sheep rose $6 to $8.


Light ewes $52 to $82.

Medium ewes $80 to $120.

Heavy ewes, $101 to $155.

Light wethers $52 to $84.

Medium wethers $78 to $144.

Heavy wethers $118 to $158.

Rams $40 to $90.

Ram lambs $28 to $138.

Schute Bell report that last week’s wool sale was another hugely positive week with the Eastern and Norther Region Indicator reaching new high points.

The 19 and 20 micron indicators soared above the previous record levels and the 18 micron was 8 cents short of its highest level since AWEX commenced quoting in 1998.

42 846 bales were sold with an historically low passed-in rate of 1.3 per cent.

Adding to the impressive rise last week was a surge in the crossbred types with the 32 micron gaining an astonishing 20 per cent.

The Norther Region Indicator closed at 1767 cents per kg clean a rise of 49 cents.


Rain is predicted for Wellington this week, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. Thursday will bring a 70 per cent chance of 1 to 4mm of rain, followed by a 50 per cent chance of zero to 4mm on Friday. It will be a wet weekend with 4-10mm predicted for Saturday and zero to 2mm on Sunday with a top of 24 degrees.


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