Teams vie for inaugural COB Loaf Cup

The Wellington Touch Association Inc was quick to jump on board the town’s newest festivities and in doing so has introduced the inaugural COB Loaf Cup competition. 

The COB Loaf Cup will be held in conjunction with Wellington’s COB Loaf Festival on the evening of November 22.

Alistaire Thompson of Wellington Touch said the Round 5 games will be moved to Pioneer Park for the occasion.

“The way we’re going to play it this year as a first timer is to move Wellington Touch down to Pioneer Oval that night, play our normal round competition games and try get everyone from touch down across the bridge and into the festival to present the COB Loaf Trophy,” he said.

“Whoever scores the most points on the night will win the COB Loaf Cup.”

The special occasion falls on the Association’s 45th anniversary, which doubled as another reason to get involved in a community event, Thompson said.

“We wanted to get out there and the more things we do the better to make the competition fun and get everyone out there having a go,” he said.

Thompson said it was a good way to keep players hungry for the sport ahead of finals time in March 2018.

It’s almost seeing who’s the best attacking team in the club at the moment and the last few weeks it’s been really close.

Alistaire Thompson

He predicts Mean Machine and Blues to do damage on the night, and has faith the junior teams will also pack a punch.

“It’s almost seeing who’s the best attacking team in the club at the moment and the last few weeks it’s been really close,” he said.

“The favourite would probably be Mean Machine who won the competition last year, but on any given night at Wellington Touch any team can blow out a pretty high score.

“Pups, Pirates and Bowlos – with their youth they have a lot of points in them so they could really do anything.

“Fast Eddie Owen’s team… The name alone, you never know what they could pop out.

“It’s about getting a team to showcase their attacking weapons, and who likes to eat a cob loaf.” 

The first game will commence at 6pm, with the second round of games at 6.35pm. At the conclusion of games the team with the leading points will be presented the cup in Cameron Park.


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