A morning for grandparents | PHOTOS

Grandparents of students at Wellington Christian School were treated to a special morning on Wednesday for the school’s annual Grandparent’s Day.

Upward of 50 grandparents passed through the school’s doors, many of who were local while others varied from Dubbo, Parkes, New Zealand and even Ireland.

The morning commenced with an assembly featuring an item from each class. Kindergarten students did a tribute poem, while Year 3 to 6 students did a presentation on a book they had studied on accepting others.

The assembly was followed by a morning tea in the sun, and arts and craft in the classrooms.

Community Development Officer, Sharon Crowfoot, said it was rewarding to see so many grandparents and family members support the occasion. 

“We like having the history and the input,” she said.

“This place here is an extension of their place, and we want them to feel welcome here.

“Because we’re a small school it’s good to embrace all members of the family.”