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What is the main issue for Dubbo Regional Council facing Wellington in the next term?

Entering Wellington.

Entering Wellington.

All six Wellington candidates in the Dubbo Regional Council election have given responses on the main issue for the town and shire in the first term of the merged council.

Anne Jones: 

One of the most important issues facing Dubbo Regional Council in relation to the Wellington ward is integrating the community into the new entity.

For quite some time the community of Wellington has felt as if it has been left out but I think this is where it is important for the two people that are elected to represent the Wellington ward.

Work very hard with the community to integrate them into this new structure which is Dubbo Regional Council.

I think provided the two councillors are committed and passionate and have the time that is necessary to represent our community that the outcomes will be best for everyone.

Mark Griggs: Firstly the council must look after the Wellington staff affected by the merger and who no longer have jobs.

I am hearing those people have been left out to dry and at least six have already left the area seeking other employment.

So that’s six families lost to Wellington’s economy before economic development opportunities begin to be activated.

My main priority is to make sure the whole region gets a fair and equal chance, not just Dubbo, but all communities, urban and rural.

I will take a strong voice into the council chamber to make sure the other eight Dubbo-City-Centric councillors think and decide the same way.

Mike Augee: The immediate issue is the retention in Wellington and the villages of as many local government services and employees as possible to ensure that we will have a merger of communities and not a Dubbo-centric takeover.

This issue will set the tone of the new Regional Council, which I hope will be one of cooperation and mutual respect.

Adam Ryan: I feel the main issue Wellington will face in this council term will be to build a strong structure with the other elected candidates and to move forward with the whole region in focus not just Dubbo and not just Wellington and surrounds.

It’s going to be tough to build a foundation to work off but with the right candidates I'm sure we will do what's best for all.

I feel for Wellington and surrounding villages. Our roads both sealed and unsealed are atrocious, our ward is a beautiful place which needs to be promoted and kept up to standards.

Our ratepayers are paying for a service and they deserve to have quality roads, rubbish disposal and water where applicable.

Jacob Perry: Wellington needs strong leadership to unlock its full potential and prosper. For far to long we have had a council stuck in the past with no real ideas to better the area, seal rural roads, provide the necessary services and unlock our tourist marvels.

Having two councillors alone will require new fresh blood and openness to bring the community along into this new area.

I will be a councillor who will take the fight up to the government and council for that matter who have walked all over us for years and we need others to do the same!

David Grant: There are a number of issues that will be faced by the newly elected Dubbo Regional Council in the next term.

One of the issues I can see will be the aligning of the services, charges and rates across the whole of the new Dubbo Regional Council area.

This will include balancing what the communities’ expectations are, while ensuring costs are kept at reasonable levels.

For example, road maintenance and garbage service pick up.

On the back of this it will be imperative that council continues to lobby the state and federal governments to secure additional grant funds.

All candidates in the DRC election have been asked to respond to questons on issues affecting the community in the entire local government area. One asked how they would prevent Wellington being left behind on issues.

The Wellington Times stablemate, the Daily Liberal, has asked all 28 candidates in the DRC election 10 questions on issues affecting the community in the entire local government area. 

One dealt with concerns about the number of empty shops in the CBDs of Dubbo and Wellington and what candidates thought could be done to attract more businesses. It also asked: “With less councillors representing Wellington there's a fear it could be left behind in council decisions. How can this be prevented?” See the answers under headings Candidates Respond at 

The Wellington administration building of Dubbo Regional Council.

The Wellington administration building of Dubbo Regional Council.