When only 25mm can lift hopes

Rainfall last Thursday certainly lifted the hopes of farmers and graziers for a better spring with measurements in excess of 25mm for the week. One can see late crops sown on dry land bursting through the soil during the past few days.

At Dubbo last Thursday 3880 prime cattle penned in a very plain quality yarding as far Western cattle continue to come to saleyards as the season worsens. Only odd pens of well finished yearling and grown steers were yarded.

Trade vealers were firm, yearlings fell 4 to 11 cents, feeder steers dropped 2 to 4c, feeder heifers were up to 9c easier, restocker young steer cattle improved topping 353c to avg 323 cents/kg. Young restocker heifers reached 326c/kg, heavy steers were firm for the medium weights and down by 12c for the heavier end. Heavy heifers made to 265c. plain conditioned cows were up to 15c cheaper while the better cows only lost 4c.

Quotations: calves 318-435, steer vealers 243-353, heifer vealers 228-326, steer yearlings 228-326, heifer yearlings 230-328, heavy steers 260-313, bullocks 240-290, heavy heifers 220-274, light cows 175-208, medium cows 160-219, heavy cows 170-238, bulls 200-286.

Friday at Dubbo 1830 store cattle penned in a good quality yarding of steers and heifers which included 200 from Lemon Grove Station at Nyngan along with another consignment of station bred cattle from Cunnamulla. Cows and calves were limited. Steers were firm to a little dearer with weaners selling from $300-$990 to avg $720 or 324 cents/kg, steer yearlings ranged from $790-$1065 to average $906 or 305c/kg. Heifers improved by $25 to range between $310-$935 to avg $630 or 293c/kg. Yearling heifers traded from $340-$750 to avg $650. One pen of PTIC heifers made $800, PTIC cows realised $620-$1450, cows and calves sold from $730-$1950 for a pen of Limonsin cows and calves. Unjoined cows ranged from $495-$580.

Monday at Dubbo 27,500 lambs penned in a mainly good quality yarding with some top heavyweight lambs yarded along with good numbers of trade weights and fair numbers of new season lambs.

There were also some top runs of Merino lambs. Processor light lambs rose $5-$7, trade weight lambs gained $5-$9, heavyweight lambs improved $11 with the top lambs making $215 from Comobella.

Merino lambs were $4-$7 dearer with the trade weights selling from $101-$145 and the heavy end ranging from $151-$168, hoggets were also dearer reaching $145.

Quotations: light young lamb $41-$106, medium young lamb $109-$125, heavy young lamb $134-$151, supermarket young lamb $152-$162, light lamb $57-$127, medium lamb $100-$130, heavy lamb $125-$145, supermarket lamb $142-$175, export lamb $173-$215.

10,000 mutton penned in a mixed quality yarding with the light and medium Merinos were firm and the heavy end improved $4.  The better yarding of crossbred ewes and Merino wethers were $12 dearer.

Quotations:  light ewes $26 to $82, medium ewes $71 to $135, heavy ewes $86 to $155, light wethers $40 to $88, medium wethers $79 to $136, heavy wethers $115 to $160, rams $52 to $126, ram lambs $110.

The wool sales are still in winter recess.


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