Lack of rain hits crops, pastures

The dry weather continues and those properties that didn’t receive rain in May, June and now half of July are really suffering.

On these holdings no crops have been sown and pasture growth is non-existent.

At Dubbo last Thursday 4900 prime cattle penned in a much plainer yarding with a large influence of Far Western cattle as seasonal conditions deteriorate.

A fair selection of cows, however limited numbers of prime young cattle and steers.

Trade young cattle fell 6-to 9 cents, young feeder cattle lost 12-22 cents, restocker young steers dropped 40 cents reaching 339 cents per kg, restocker heifers topped at 290c/kg.

Heavy steers were firm to 4 cents cheaper, heavy heifers were down 3 cents, cows also lost 2-3 cents.

Quotations: calves 295-375, steer vealers 272-339, heifer vealers 220-315, steer yearlings 230-330, heifer yearlings 218-317, heavy steers 212-325, bullocks 269-318, heavy heifers 245-287, light cows 200-210, medium cows 169-246, heavy cows 222-251, bulls 210-272.

At CTLX Carcoar on Friday 3115 store cattle penned in a good quality yarding considering the wintery conditions.

The market was cheaper by $80 to $120 over most of the yarding.

Monday at Dubbo 31400 lambs penned in a fair to good quality yarding with good quantities of trade and heavy lambs along with large quantities of Merinos and White Dorpers and approximately 2000 new season lambs.

Processor light lambs rose $7-$10, trade lambs improved the same amount, heavy weight lambs gained $5-$7.

Merino lambs were $5-$8 dearer with the trade weights selling from $104-$148 and the heavy end reaching $171, restockers paid $142-$178 for good quality 1st x ewe lambs and $90 for fatteners, hoggets topped at $141.

Quotations:  Light young lamb $70-$90, medium young lamb $125-$132, heavy young lambs $142-$159, light supermarket young lamb $155-$162, light lamb $65-$125, medium lamb $69-$135, heavy lambs $125-$153, supermarket lamb $143-$176, export lamb $170-$216.

10300 mutton penned in a mixed quality yarding with most grades falling $4-$7.

Quotations: light ewes $48-$86, medium ewes $60-$120, heavy ewes $91-$150, light wethers $45-$76, medium wethers $74-$118, heavy wethers $116-$148, rams $37-$105, rams lambs $95-$100.


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