Wellington Library: Little ones can have fun with storytime

The Library will be closed on Monday 12 June for the Queen’s Birthday holiday. Normal hours will resume Tuesday at 10am.

Bring your babies and pre-schoolers along to Storytime/Rhymetime on Wednesdays at 11am for some rhymes, stories and craft, with a focus on your child’s literacy development plus helping to build up their social skills whilst having fun in the library.

What’s New

The Crime Book: How did Jack the Ripper acquire his grisly name? Who “Sold” the Eiffel Tower? How did the Hatton Garden burglars pull off their audacious heist? This book answers these questions and more by exploring over 100 of the world’s most notorious cons, heists, and murders. Packed with arresting graphics, compelling text and taking a fresh look at true crime and the history of criminology.

Still Dark: New Year’s Eve should be a time for celebrating.  Called to a house after gunshots are reported, the carnage Detective Superintendent William Lorimer finds there leaves him traumatised and questioning his future. Meanwhile, the body count is rising as a number of known addicts are dying from accidental overdoses, but something’s not adding up. Where would the city’s poorest residents get hold of high quality morphine? But Lorimer spots a link between the deaths and a previous case involving the euthanasia of vulnerable patients.

Into the Lion’s Mouth: On a cool August evening in 1941, a Serbian playboy created a stir at Casino Estoril in Portugal by throwing down an outrageously large baccarat bet to humiliate his opponent. The Serbian was a British double agent, and the money- which he had just stolen from the Germans – belonged to the British. From the sidelines, watching with intent interest, was none other than Ian Fleming. This is the true story of Dusko Popov: World War II spy, patriot, and the real-life inspiration for James Bond.