Cattle sale numbers in Dubbo down

At Dubbo last Thursday following good rainfall, on Monday which varied largely depending on which cloud you were under, only 1900 cattle penned in a fair quality yarding with a mixture of all categories including western cattle. Trade young cattle rose 4 to 10 cents, young feeder cattle gained 3 to 6 cents, restocker young steers improved topping at 374 cents per kg. Heavy steers were firm, heavy heifers fell 3 to 7 cents reaching 300 cents. Plain conditioned cows were up 11 to 14 cents while properly finished cows were 3 cents dearer.

Quotations: calves 325 to 418, steer vealers 320 to 374, heifer vealers 301 to 347, steer yearlings 290 to 358, heifer yearlings 244 to 339, heavy steers 215 to 325, bullocks 260 to 315, heavy heifers 237 to 300, medium cows 180 to 234, heavy cows 215 to 243, bulls 195 to 369.

Friday at Dubbo 2110 store cattle penned in a good selection of all categories except for cows and calves which were limited. Steer weaners gained $40 selling from $435 to $1210 to avg $799 or 365 cents per kg. Steer yearlings were in limited numbers ranging from $890 to $1360 to avg $1181 or 333 cents per kg. Weaner heifers traded from $290 to $940 due to strong competition, averaging $717, yearling heifers realised $830 to $1330 to avg $1084. PTIC heifers made from $750 to $1370 to avg $1173. PTIC cows sold from $1020 to $1710 for a pen of three year old Angus, cows and calves ranged from $1040 to $1970, unjoined cows realised $760.

Monday at Dubbo 12 940 lambs penned in a better quality yarding compared to the previous week’s plain penning. Plain lambs were still present in most agent’s runs. Processor’s light lambs were firm, trade lambs rose 5 to $10, heavy lambs gained $7, Merino lambs were dearer with trades ranging from $116 to $148, restockers paid to $121 while hoggets topped at $138.

Quotations: light lamb $86 to $115, medium lamb $108 to $134, heavy lamb $127 to $153, supermarket lamb $143 to $178, export lamb $175 to $199.

7490 mutton penned in a fair quality yarding, lightweight ewes gained $12, while the better medium to heavy types improved $2 to $5.

Quotations: light ewes $38 to $88, medium ewes $78 to $126, heavy ewes $103 to $150, light wethers $49 to $83, medium wethers $88 to $108, heavy wethers $113 to $133, rams $84 to $124.

Schute Bell report that last week’s wool market continued to enjoy the upwards stellar market.

Setting new highs for most indicators. 19 and 20 microns remain at all time highs with the 18 micron trying to reach and perhaps beat the record level of 2001. The surging Aussie dollar did not slow down demand, 39866 bales were sold with a passed in rate of 6.7% medium micron types managed to hang on to current level for the second week in a row and were content to trade at this level.

Forward activity was quieter last week with large discounts being applied to the finer types for spring delivery. The Norther Region Indicator closed at 1636 cents per kg clean a rise of 31 cents.

Interesting to note Merino cardings reached 1234 cents up 154 cents on last year’s prices.