Week in Wellington Sport



There were nineteen bowlers on the green last Wednesday to compete in the Jackpot Pairs. Winners on the day on a countback were Don Graham & Bill Meharg who defeated Ian Humphries & Mick Buttsworth 34-12. Runners-up were Mo Clare & Allan Manning who defeated Mo Clare & Dave Stace 19-12 (with an odd number Mo was the swinging lead).

Other results were Ross Pharo & Barry Smith def Ray Gersbach & Ron Oxenham 17-12, Brad Griffiths & Brian Charlton def Charlie Morley & Frank Gersbach 20-14 and Glen Porter & Robert Harvey def Pat Cassidy & Richard Carpenter 22-15.

Raffle winner was Jason Cornish & the Jackpot was not won. Jackpot now stands at $180. Jackpot bowls are on again today with names in by 1pm for 1.30pm start.

A new committee was elected last Thursday and this poem was provided by the lady bowlers.


When you have elected a committee, from those willing to stand. Don’t criticise all they do, but give a helping hand.

As we walk through the club house, and up and down the green, you wouldn’t believe the things we hear, and some of the things we’ve seen. 

They have tried to do their best, for each and everyone. Don’t whinge with all the rest, come up and say well done.

We come for relaxation, the game of bowls to play, so let’s be kind and helpful, and have a happy day.

TUESDAY NIGHT BUSINESS HOUSE BOWLS: This Competition is due to commence on Tuesday 25 October with Nominations closing on Thursday 20 October. Teams of Triples. Roll up at 5.30pm play begins at 6.00pm. Sausage Sizzle available at a small cost.

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS: The final of the men’s triples Championship Match will be played in the next couple of weeks.

2016 CLUB CHALLENGE: The Men's Blue Division side travelled to Parkes last Saturday to take on Parkes Railway. 

The greens were pretty fast believe me it was a difficult task just trying to keep them on the rink.

However the results were not what we needed with the pairs team of Rob Harvey & Roger Wall going down 26 to 14, the triples team of Bill Meharg, Alan Manning, & Dave Stace were unlucky dropping four shots on the second to last end, but picked up three on the last only to go down by two shots final score 24 -22 to the home side.

On a brighter note in the singles Trevor Messenger was successful in his game in what was a hard fought game close up until about the last five ends until Trevor used the greens to his advantage winning the game 25 -18.   

The Mixed Bronze Division team played a double header in Dubbo on Sunday against West Dubbo in the morning & Dubbo Railway in the afternoon. 

The singles Played by Scott Reid unluckily went down to a stronger opponent on the day final sore 25-12.

In the pairs played By Gary King & Leanne Erwin had a win 19-17. 

Not so lucky were Carolyn Stemmel, Tracy Reid, & Dave Stace going down 40-7. 

Hopes were higher on the way to Dubbo Railway however the home side had other thoughts Wellington’s sides remained the same but unfortunately all teams went down. Singles 25-17, Pairs 25-15, & the triples 23-11.

FRIDAY NIGHT: Music by local artists and the Bistro is open from 6pm. Meat & voucher Raffles from 6pm drawn 7pm. Members Badge Draw worth $480 drawn 7.30–8pm.


Results of the matches played on October 6. Winners: Robyn Hinton, Regina Last, Tracey Reid, Soo Halliwell. 

Runners-up: Dot Blackburn, Rose Davis, Colleen Forby, Rene Hannelly, Raffle winner: Tracey Reid. Fours championships played on Saturday October 8.

Winners: Carolyn Temessl, Tracey Reid, Regina Last, Rene Hannelly. Runners-up: Soo Halliwell, Deralle Maxfield, Leanne Erwin, Sue Manning. Thursday October 13 Trophy Day. Winners: Delma Gersbach, Robyn Hinton, Regina Last.

Runners-up: Dot Blackburn, Colleen Forby, Rene Hannelly. Raffle: Regina Last. Tracey's Haircut: Regina Last.

Final of the Fours Championships played on Saturday October 15. Winners: Robyn Hinton, Dot Heath, Myrtle Lee, Rose Davis. 

Runners-up: Carolyn Temessl, Tracey Reid, Regina Last, Rene Hannelly. Consistency matches will start on Thursday October 27 - please check the nominations sheet for your name before the draw is done on Thursday.

Social bowls is tomorrow - please have your names in by 9.30am.


Wellington darts played there ladies and men's singles championships and were kindly sponsored by the Wellwere n hotel and many thanks from the committee and every dart player as well. 

Ladies champion Tracey Reid put up a gallant charge to holdon to her title by going down in a semi-final against Wendy Wilson by 2 legs to 1 and in the other semifinal it was Cindy Crocker defeating Kirsty Watts by 2 legs to 0.

The final was played over 5 legs and Cindy Crocker came out on top with a 3 legs to 0 victory over Wendy Wilson and congratulations to Cindy and to all the ladies that turned out. 

Ladies high scores were; Teena Hill 132, 2x100, Wendy Wilson 113, Carolyn Temsll 105, Cindy Croker 2x100. Ladies highest peg went to Wendy Wilson with 61.

Wellington men's championships saw David Wilson trying to defend his title by just scrapping into the quarter finals to maybe hang on to it.

Quarter finals statered with the best if 5 legs being played, Rob Crowe defeated Richard Kent by 3 legs to 0, Garth Watts defeated Allan Brown 3 legs to 2, David Wilson defeated Dave Stace by 3 legs to 0, Alf Button defeated Alf Wilson 3 legs to 2.

Semi-finals were played over 5 legs as well and saw Rob Crowe defeat Garth Watts by 3 legs 0 and David Wilson defeated Alf Button by 3 legs to 0. The final was to be played over 7 legs with either Rob or David needing to win 4 legs to take the title.

David Wilson came out firing in the first couple of legs to take a big lead of 3 legs to nil lead leaving Rib a lot if work to do, in what was to be the final keg Rob had his chances to claim it but just couldn't hit the required double giving David his chance to hit it and that was it with David Wilson winning his third singled title in a row.

Congratulations to the winner and commiserations to Rod and a few players are all ready waiting for there chance next year.

High scores were; Allan Brown 3x140, 3x100, Alf Button 140, 100, Rod Crowd 140, 4x100, David Wilson 125, 121, 7x100 Dave Stace 122, 2x100, Garth Watts 121, 104, 3x100, Alf Wilson 121, 100, Scott Reid 101, Richard Kent 100.

Men's highest peg went to Garth Watts with 76.

Wellington hotel darts challenge final in the Sheild saw the Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club Sharks who were not at there best last week were taking on the Wellington Bowling Club's Odd Ones Out who surprised themselves with a win last week and could they do it again and the answer was no with them only winning one leg in the match. 

Doubles results; Allan Brown-Stellan Hudson defeated Trevor Messenger-Rod Froude 2-0 and Alf Wilson-Zac West defeated Cindy Croker-Robert Driscoll 2-0. Singles results; Allan Brown defeated Ken Fairlry 2-1 and Alf Wilson defeated Cindy Croker 2-0. Final score 4-0 to the Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club Sharks.

The Grand Final of the Sheild in the Wellington hotel darts challenge sees the Wellington hotel DV8's taking on the Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club Sharks.

The Cup final in the Wellington hotel darts challenge saw the battle between the Oldzhiemers and the Cougars and this match neatly went all the way with the doubles matches shared, it wasn't until the singles games that the Oldzhiemers got on top giving them a 4 games to 2 lucky win.

Doubles results; David Wilson-Parish Petrovic lost to James McKay-Kitsty Watts 0-2 and Garth Watts-Terry Leonard defeated Wendy Wilson-Bev McKay 2-0. Singles results; Terry Leonard defeated James McKay 2-0, Parish Petrovic lost to Wendy Wilson 1-2, Garth Watts defeated Kirsty Watts 2-1 and David Wilson defeated Bev McKay 2-0.

The grand final in the Cup of the Wellington hotel darts challenge sees the Federal hotel Funder Cats taking on the Wellington hotel Oldzhiemers.

The presentation of the Wellington Hotel Darts Challenge will be held from 12pm at the Wellington Hotel on December 11.

Darts will be played at Mudgee on November 26 with names to be in by 10am and all it costs for the day is $5.


Wellington Men

The Thursday twilight golf competition played round 2 last week with plenty of new golfers finding out how good the game golf is and will be back on the course again. Round 2 winner who had 29nett was David Gillard and he seems to be in good form at the moment.

There is plenty of time to come out and join the competition and all it costs to join in is 40 dollars and you have until Christmas to pay. The course rating last week was 34 and the mystery hole was not won and now jackpots to 6 schooner's this week and don't forget the front 9 is to played this week.

Raffle winner last week was Allan McMahon and congratulations to him.

Wellington Golf Club played golf played the full course last Saturday with smiles on everybody's faces, many thanks to Damien and Mitchell and the many volunteers who have put the course back together after the recent floods and a special thank you to David Naveua and his many helpers in repairing the levee.

The KEIRLE'S Pharmacy summer competition is coming up and a sheet has been placed on the notice board to enter your team's on and it will close soon as the competition will start after the Wellington Golf Club championships.

The Wellington Mowers and Chainsaws sponsored Wellington Golf Club Par 3 Championship are to be played this coming Sunday the 20th if October. Wellington Golf Clubs A, B and C-grade Championships will be played on the 5th and 6th plus the 12th and 13th of November and many thanks to Ruth and Col Arnold for their sponsorship of this event.

The Matchplay Championships which are sponsored by Harold Baker Bookmaking will be played after the Club Championships have concluded. Last Saturday’s event was an Individual Stableford with a good field to 41 starters taking on the course. Winner last week on a countback was David Gillard who finished with another good day on the golf course with 39pts. Runner-up also with 39pts was Fletcher Ivey who would have won with a bit of luck.

Ball competition winners were David Gillard 39pts, Fletcher Ivey 39pts, Lewis McCarthy 37pts, Ben McCatthy 37pts, David Wilson 37pts, Josh Bullock 37pts, Kevin Reid 36pts and Garry McNaughton 36pts.

Ron Stubberfield Toyota Terrific tee shot on the 3rd Gatth Watts, on the 8th David Naveau, on the 14th David Naveua, on the 16th Malcolm Payne.

Gersbach Mechanical nearest the pin in 2 shots on the 20th hole was won by Gary Cusack.

McDonald's biggest whack in A-grade went to Rod McMahon and in B-grade it was Liam Brien.

Brent's NFI award went to Bernard Smith who didn't have the best of days in the course, his final score was that bad that he paid to have it kept secret.

Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club Pointscore top 5 after 11 rounds sees David Naveau 197pts, Rod Pedron 186pts, Gatth Watts 177pts, John Gersbach 176pts and Gary Cusack 166pts. John Gersbach putting competition leaders aftet 11 rounds sees Gary Cusack 189putts, John Gersbach 193putts, Gatth Watts 199putts, Lewis McCarthy 201putts, Peter Cornish and Stven McCarroll 203 putts. 

Presidents pointscore and Maurie Lay memorial pointscore sponsored by Twin Rivers Printing top 5 sees Peter Payne 1337pts, David's Naveua 1327pts, Rex England 1209pts, Enroll Flood 1175pts and Lewis McCarthy 1152pts. Raffle winner last Saturday was Barry Jeffrey and just to make it a good day he also won the schooner.


Wellington Rifle Club

Saturday October 8: 500 yards results: Brett McCauley 98.13; Steve King 98.10; Frank Stapleton 95.7; Mike Cubillo 95.4; Lindsay Hough 93.5; Howard Griffiths 89; Adam Brown 76.

Saturday October 15: 600 yards results: Target rifle: B McCauley 99.9; S King 98.7; L Hough 90.4; M Cubillo 90.1; F Stapleton 82.

F-class: J Kent 113.5; E Kent 111.7; H Griffiths 91; S Powyer 87; B Hawes 87.

Next shoot Saturday October 29.

On the mat: Scott Reid at Wellington bowling club recently. Photo: FAYE WHEELER

On the mat: Scott Reid at Wellington bowling club recently. Photo: FAYE WHEELER