Big role for former local man

A watch maker's son from Wellington has risen to heady heights to become the mayor of Lane Cove, an affluent suburb of Northern Sydney.

"My mother Nancy Smith is still in Wellington at Maranatha and my love of my hometown will never die," Scott Bennison said  just days after his win.

"This shows anyone can achieve anything they want."

Mr Bennison's father died when he was 10, and his mother remarried Ivan Smith.

“I worked at the Dubbo abattoir, Furney's Stock Feeds, Wellington Sport and Recreation and also got odd jobs as a chef,” he said.

"I enjoyed my life with Aboriginal mates Willie Stanley, Marti Stewart, Michael Dickerson. We cycled at Kennard Park in Wellington, played tennis. Sport was the big thing back then."

The new Lane Cove mayor believes democracy is the key to local government and will be in Dubbo soon for the statewide council's conference where he is looking forward to meeting mayor and administrators of Wellington and Dubbo council. He also has plans for  Wellington.

"I want to talk with your new mayor about things our two precincts can do together and how we can inspire and integrate indigenous people into jobs through mining and development," he said.

“I have some real ideas and access to measures of how these can be funded.”