Withdraw your support for Windfarm says local farmer

Local farmer and head of the Bodangora Windturbine Awareness group Michael Lyons will front Wednesday night’s council meeting. He’ll argue the decision by ERM Power to end of the gas fired power station proposal was good for the town and the Bodangora Windfarm should also go.

‘’The Bodangora Wind Turbine Awareness Group (BWTAG) has long opposed the Bodangora Industrial Wind Turbine project on a multitude of environmental, economic and human health aspects, and remains opposed to this modification on the same grounds.’’ Mr Lyons has said in a letter to councillors.

‘’We note that the Wellington Council has withdrawn its support for the Gas Fired Power Station originally planned for the outskirts of Wellington which led to that project being halted. The gas fired power station project was always going to have major detrimental problems for Wellington residents who would have been forced to reside within 5kms of the project.’’

Council has been asked for a letter of support for the project as Infigen Energy requests to NSW Planning and Environment an increase in the size of blades which would be used at the Windfarm.

‘’Council and ask that it not only oppose the modification submission for the Bodangora Industrial Wind Turbine project that has been recently lodged with the DoPI, but to withdraw its support for the project in its entirety.’’ Mr Lyons said.

‘’ The issues with the proposed industrial wind farm are identical to that of the Gas Fired Power Station in that the audible noise and low frequency and infrasound will adversely affect the residents surrounding the project. The village of Bodangora, which has never been assessed for noise impacts, is only a couple of kilometres from the project and many other rural residents are less than 3kms. In doing so, we ask that the Council now stand up and fight for justice for the remainder of the ratepayers who they have been elected to serve and represent.’’

Infigen Energy’s project manager Frank Boland says the bigger size blades would make the project more efficient and provide additional benefits for the community. It told fairfax Media ‘’In these types of projects modifications will happen as the project moves forward to make the windfarm more efficient.’’

The NSW Planning and Environment have the final say on the project its understood.


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