Petrol powered bicycles banned

Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay has announced from Wednesday 1 October all petrol-powered bicycles will be banned on NSW roads and road related areas due to the serious road safety risk.

Minister Gay said this is national safety issue, with restrictions already in place in some states such as Queensland.

“Given the safety risks associated with petrol-powered bikes, I didn’t want to wait for a national position,” Minister Gay said.

“We saw three lives lost last year including the tragic loss of a young 14 year old boy in Western Sydney. That’s three lives too many.

“Petrol-powered bicycles operate like a motorcycle, making them a serious road safety hazard in young hands.

“These bikes can travel at high speeds but their brakes and other safety components are only designed for standard bicycles. This means they take much longer to stop than a standard bike, greatly increasing the risk of crash.

“We’ve seen too many injuries and lives lost because of these bikes and I make no excuse for putting my foot down to get rid of them.

“Under changes to NSW laws, the ban will include all bicycles that have had a petrol-powered engine attached after purchase, were purchased with a petrol-powered engine or are powered by any type of internal combustion engine. 

“The changes won’t prevent people from riding power-assisted bicycles that use a combination of electric motors and pedalling and have appropriate safety requirements.

“Legal bicycles from 1 October include regular bicycles with no engines attached, complying 250 watt pedelacs and 200 Watt power assisted pedal bicycles that are powered by an electronic motor. The legislation on mopeds and motorcycles will remain unchanged,” Minister Gay said.

Information about the changes can be found