Candidates bring wealth of experience

In regard to the Wellington Council Elections I agree, experience is important.

What an amazing amount of real experience the new candidates can bring to Wellington Council.

The new candidates include a wide variety of people currently working at the coal-face of our community, who really understand the issues facing Wellington.

Pip Smith is a mother of five, a trained nurse, and assists her husband run their farm. Also contesting is a policeman, business owners and people with broad experiences across a range of industries.

I personally have extensive experience in a number of industries including those important to our future: mining; agriculture; politics; social services; and tourism. I have contributed to boards of multi-million dollar companies and currently sit on boards at both a state and national level.

Without a doubt, there are many new things I will have to learn if elected to council, but all of the new candidates can also bring a host of new skills to council that can only benefit our community.

Experience is vital!  What a great opportunity Wellington people have to elect new councillors who can contribute to a fresh and exciting future for our community.

Yours sincerely,

Alison Conn