Sarah Teelow on top of the world in Spain

Local skier Sarah Teelow has been crowned the Formula 2 world water skiing champion in Spain.

The 21 year old who studies at the University of New South Wales was educated at St Mary’s Central School in Wellington.

Her mother Tania who co-owns the Teelow pools group in Dubbo also has won two world titles.

Australians finished in the first four spots in the championship with Teelow ahead of her country women in the Formula 2 event.

Her grandparents Pauline and Max Teelow were following the World Championships in Tenerife by Facebook. “We were so excited on Monday night when we heard the news of Sarah’s win,’’ Pauline Teelow who lives in Wellington said. 

The Teelow’s are expected home soon to begin local celebrations after Sarah’s international victory.

Teelow won the world title in Tenerife, Spain.

Teelow won the world title in Tenerife, Spain.