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Last Wednesday there were 16 starters on what was unusually a fine day the results were Don Graham & Kevin Stanly  defeated  Brad Griffiths & Ron Oxenham 24-5 the runners- up on the day was our visitor John John & Jack (Brian) Charlton defeating Ian Humphries & Allan Manning 22-7 other games on the day were Kevin (Biscuit) Arnott & Richard Carpenter Def Pat Cassidy & (wild) Bill Meharg 12-8, Mick Buttsworth & Frank Gersbach def Mo Clare & Dave Stace 13-10.

The Michael Smith rester was won by Don Graham and the jackpot now stands at $260 the raffle winners were  J Charlton along with visiting brother in law John John & Kevin Arnott.

On the weekend unfortunately no bowls were played  on Sunday however water polo may have been in order but the Triples Championship final was unable to be played due to the inclement weather. At the time of writing this  it is unclear as to when  it can be played but players will need to look on the noticeboard at the club for game notifications. This Sunday is the commencement of the Club Challenge and we still need at least 4 players for this tournament so please indicate your willingness to have a go its a good grounding for next years pennants and  great fun. Please register your interest this Wednesday the game starts at 1pm this Sunday, the Venue is Railway Bowling Club. Teams will be picked Wednesday afternoon.

The music is on again on Friday night and Saturday night. Unfortunately the kitchen wasn't open last Friday night due to illness but back as usual this week hope to see you there.


Triples Championships: results played last week. Winner was Carolyn Temessl, Regina Last, Tracey Reid defeated Robyn Hinton, Robyn Baxter and Rene Hannelly.

Finals of triples championships will be played on Sunday September 26 at 1pm. Trophy day was played last Thursday. Results were winners Colleen Forby and Betty Dunstan. Runners-up: a dead heat. Raffle: Rose Davis. Tracey's haircut: Rene Hannelly



By 19th Hole

Wellington Golf Club saw 42 golfers hit a modified golf course last Saturday due to the rain yet again.

This week’s event is a mystery but by tee time all will be revealed. The semi-finals in the Kiss Trophy still sees Neil Hollow waiting for the other semi-final match to be played which see`s Rodney Cunynghame taking on Garth Watts and this match will be played at a later date.

Semi-finals of the Cornish Trophy is Tim Parker and Rod Pedron taking on Garth Watts and Kevin Reid, Liam Brien and Rod McMahon taking on Rod Irwin and Barry Jeffery with a date to be set for these matches. The Wellington Mowers and Chainsaw sponsored Wellington Golf Club’s Par 3 Championships will be played at a later date as many other events as well.

Coming events for October are: 1st Monthly Medal, round 11 of the John Gersbach Putting competition, round 11 of the Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club Pointscore, 8th round 1 of the Wellington Golf Club Championships with all 4 rounds kindly sponsored by Mrs Ruth and Mr Col Arnold, 9th round 2 Wellington Golf Club Championships, 15th round 3 Wellington Golf Club Championships, 16th round 4 Wellington Golf Club Championships, 22nd 4BBB Stableford, 29th round 1 of the Match Play Championships.

Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club Pointscore top 5 after round 10: David Naveau 154pts, Gary Cusack 144pts, Rod Pedron 144pts, Garth Watts 142pts and Peter Cornish 137pts.

John Gersbach Putting competition top  after round 10 sees Gary Cusack 189putts, John Gersbach 201putts, Steven McCarroll 205putts, David Naveau 205putts and Peter Cornish 206putts these are the leading golfers that have played at least 7 rounds, remembering that the best 7 rounds will determine the winner for the year.

Presidents Pointscore and Maurie Lay Memorial Pointscore sponsored by Twin Rivers Printing top 5: Peter Payne 1264pts, David Naveau 1222pts, Rex England 1119pts, Errol Flood 1072pts and Lewis McCarthy 1057pts.


Saturday September 17 we had 42 starters and the day was sponsored by Kevin Reid. Winner on the day was David French 61 and the runner-up was Garth Watts with 65pts. Ron Stubberfield claimed the terrific tee shot, 3rd hole Kurt Cusack, 8th hole Ben McCarthy, 14th hole Tony Cowan, 16th hole Daniel Baxter.

Gersbach’s Mechanical nearest 2nd shot: 4th hole Kurt Cusack. McDonald’s biggest whack: A-grade Mitch Cusack, B-grade James Baker.

Raffle Winner: Tony Cowan. Schooner: Ron Cowan. Next week’s event is an individual stroke.


By The Oche

The Wellington Hotel Winter Darts Challenge is getting closer to the semi-finals and some teams are starting to really hit their straps. Rob Crowe’s reign with the belt has come to an end with Scott Reid giving him a darting lesson, 2 legs to 0. The Wellington Hotel DV8s took on the Federal Hotel Funder Cats, who just have to keep on winning, to make it into the Shield semis and they walked away with the victory on the night, but needed to win the teams game to clinch it final score 4 games to 3.

Doubles results: Scott Reid-Peter Baker defeated Warren Carey-Greg Whiteman 2-1 and Dave Stace-Carolyn Temessl lost to Rob Crowe- Lea Sutton 1-2.

Singles results: Dave Stace lost to Warren Carey 0-2, Scott Reid defeated Rob Crowe 2-0, Tracey Reid lost to Greg Whiteman 0-2 and Peter Baker defeated Lea Sutton 2-0.

Wellington Hotel Cougars played with just 3 players and took on the Wellington Bowling Club, who will now play the semi-finals with just 3 players and things do not look good for them after yet another loss by 4 games to 2. Doubles results; Wendy Wilson lost to Jason Cornish 0-2 and James MacKay-Kirsty Watts defeated Jack Charlton-Bill Meharg 2-1. Singles results; James MacKay defeated Jason Cornish 2-1, Wendy Wilson lost to Bill Meharg 0-2 and Kirsty Watts defeated Jack Charlton 2-1.

The Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club Sharks knew a win would wrap up the minor premiership and their job was made a lot easier with the Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club SS Soldiers playing 1 player short on the night, final score 4 games to 2. Doubles results; Allan Brown-Stellen Hudson defeated Alfred Button 2-0 and Zac West-Jason Robbins defeated Vicki Button-Richard Kent 2-0. Singles results; Jason Robbins lost to Alfred-Button 0-2, Alf Wilson defeated Vicki Button 2-1, Stellen Hudson lost to Richard Kent 0-2 and Allan Brown won on a forfeit. 

The Wellington Bowling Club Odd Ones Out, needing a win to stay in the top 4, were taking on the Wellington Hotel Oldzheimers, who yet again showed up with on 3 players, giving the Odd Ones Out a very comfortable 5 games to 2 win. Doubles results: Cindy Croker-Ken Fairley defeated Terry Leonard-Parish Petrovic 2-0 and Rod Froude-Trevor Messenger defeated Garth Watts 2-0. Singles results; Ken Fairley lost to Terry Leonard 1-2, Cindy Croker defeated Garth Watts 2-0, Trevor Messenger defeated Parish Petrovic 2-0 and Rod Froude won on a forfeit.

High scores on the night were: Jason Cornish 140 121, 100, 3x85, Warren Carey 140, 121, 96, 2x85, Rob Crowe 140, 93, 85, Ken Fairley 140, 90, 2x81, Jason Robbins 140, 80, Alf Wilson 133, 100, 95, Scott Reid 133, 3x95, 2x80s, Trevor Messenger 122, 100, 83, Richard Kent 121, 85, Alfred Button 2x100, 85, Jack Charlton 100,2x80s, Allan Brown 100, 85, Vicki Button 100, James MacKay 2x90s, 83, Dave Stace 2x90s, 81, Bill Meharg 98, Cindy Croker 97, 80, Terry Leonard 96, 89, Kirsty Watts 94, Garth Watts 91, 2x80s. Zac West 85, Carolyn Temessl 83, Rod Froude 81.

Ladies Peg went to Kirsty Watts with 40.

Men’s highest peg went to Terry Leonard with 79. Points table after round 13 of the Wellington Hotel Winter Darts competition sees Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club Sharks 24pts, Wellington Hotel DV8s 20pts, Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club S.S Soldiers 18pts, Wellington Bowling Club Odd Ones Out 14pts, Federal Hotel Funder Cats 12pts, Wellington Hotel Oldzheimers 10pts, Wellington Hotel Cougars 4pts, Wellington Bowling Club 0pts.  

Draw for the semi-final rounds of the Wellington Hotel Winter Darts Challenge are all being played at the Wellington Hotel.

The Wellington Hotel Dart Championship dates are as follows; 9th of October and will see the playing of both the Men’s and Ladies Singles.

Coming darts events: Mudgee September 24, Mudgee November 26.


Rugby Ball

The whole town is buzzing with excitement all because a very hard working committee have been busily organising the Past, Present for the Future of Rugby Ball, tickets sales have gone off like a bomb with over 250 being sold so far, although this is a fantastic result we would like it to be a sell out as there hasn’t been a Rugby Ball in Wellington for over a decade.

The ball will be held this Saturday September 24, being the same weekend as Springfest allowing the two events to complement each other. The first grade rugby presentation will be held from 5pm until 7pm with the ball commencing after that. Ball patrons are welcome to come along for the presentation if they would like. There will be a silent auction set up for anyone who would like to participate as well as a live auction for six major items that have been kindly donated. Although our main aim is getting everyone together to reminisce and have a great night, we will also be trying to raise money to help secure the future of rugby in Wellington. Both the senior and junior clubs are very proud of what they have achieved in previous years and hope with your ongoing support to continue growing our clubs long into the future. Tickets are still available at St Louis.


Rifle Club results Saturday September 17 at 500 yards. Target rifle: Steve King 97.8, Lindsay Hough 95.8, Jim Pirie 93.9, Mike Cubillo 90.5. F Class: Daniel Galen 118.13, Scott Monaghan 114.8, Alan Taylor 113.3, Scott Powyer 109.6, Mathew Powyer 105.5, Simon Etcell 100.2, Howard Griffiths 93.1. Next shoot is on September 24.

Wellington High defends as St Mary's player Sophie Whiteman runs the ball in the Don Green Local Derby Cup.

Wellington High defends as St Mary's player Sophie Whiteman runs the ball in the Don Green Local Derby Cup.

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