Central West republic formed: Group declares independence

A large crowd gathered in front of the Wellington Council as anointed members of the newly declared state raised their flag on Wednesday morning.

Dubbo based Dot West stated "The Central West republic has declared independence on this day January 22". 

"We have written to the Queen and the Governor General to advise them we are forming a breakaway nation. We know this will be a long haul but it’s for everybody," Mrs West said.

The group will appoint a president or chairman, ministers and an elected government, they explained.

The central west republic would cover the areas around Goolma, Wellington, Parkes, Forbes and Orange.

Aboriginal elder Violet Lousick said local people had to stand together.

"We need the big boys from the Federal government to come here and talk us and explain why they have ignored Aboriginal people," she said.

"We will now do we want, this is not a land grab. I believe the problem with native title rights is that people try and profit from the land and sell it to developers and miners that’s wrong," Mrs Lousick said.

The first area in the far west to declare independence were The Weilmoringle group, Murrawarri people near Brewarrina, say they are progressing well but the response they have received from the Crown has been disappointing.

Chairman of the Murrawarri group Fred Hooper says the Queen and the Govenor General have been informed.

"The Governor General said she cannot be involved in matters raised by our groups" 

"They tell us our decision is outside the realm of what can be done."

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